“Come in the window on a journey to life energy possibilities”

Welcome to 12 Energy Windows, a wonderful place to reawaken your own unique energy and power for abundance, better health, happiness, peace and renewal.

Everything is energy, vibration and condensed matter – including your thoughts and how you feel, which means that immense energetic power already resides within You.

Sometimes, imbalances occur and your own energy becomes blocked or stuck. At other times, your energy may just need a tune up to become more focused, flowing and vibrant. This is the basis of developing innovative programs that are tailored to your specific desired need or goal. They work in harmony with your own energy field bringing about positive changes and life enhancement.

The treatment programs I developed consist of energy immersion using the expanded 12 Chakra system, by applying various forms of vibrational energy (color, light, aromatherapy, sound, crystals and stones, meditation and visualization). These targeted applications can connect and improve your imbalanced (overactive or underactive) internal spinning wheels of energy – Chakras.

I am excited to meet with you in helping to create a better, more energetically balanced You. Consider welcoming in vital energy and a new way of Being by scheduling a transformative personalized treatment session.


Wishing You Good Energy and
Joy in all things,

Laurie Knerr








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