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Connect Your Life Energy Dots and Spinning Wheels

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Welcome to my first Blog entry explaining the colors, locations, positive focus, and meanings behind the expanded Chakra system used with 12 Energy Windows total energy immersion treatment sessions.

Chakras are internal spinning, colored wheels (represented by the colored dots on the diagram) vortexes found on targeted body locations that contain specific concentrated energies or high focal points.

Chakras are connected with your Life Force or Prana (Sanskrit) to cosmic energy that is the very essence of our existence. Other energy healing systems, that I do not provide at this time, include those that work with meridians (energy channels) such as Chi originating in Chinese medicine philosophy and Reiki from the Japanese practice of accessing Universal Life Energy.

Regardless of the system, each of them has the ability to permeate all levels of reality including inanimate entities and correspond to our physical body nerve centers.

All Chakras need to be open and spinning to allow Life Energy to flow freely. And, when they are not completely open, blockages, imbalanced energy and stagnation occur creating dysfunction in your emotional, physical and spiritual Life.

You may recall a lyric from a late 1980’s song recorded by Blood, Sweat and Tears “spinnin’ wheel got to go ‘round.” That is exactly what I hope to accomplish together with you with individualized treatments—energetic, flowing and spinning wheels of energy creating a balanced, healthy and transformed state of Being.

I invite you to check back periodically on my Blog page for further entries.

The more-to-come provides you with information on how a healthy Chakra shows up, what it looks like and what can occur when there is a malfunction (excess or deficient) present.

Also, I will delve into the colors, sounds, essential oils and stones/crystals that are associated with each Chakra.

After your treatment, I will give you a small take home packet with a few vibrational energy tools for continuing the renewed vital energy flowing through your “spinning wheels” that you received from a personalized, immersive, unique Life Energy treatment.

*Note that the higher consciousness Chakras (zero and 8 – 12) may have discrepancies and overlap in the name, location, color/s, associated vibrational energy modalities and its meaning and focus.

This is because there is not a standard typical expanded Chakra system, as is found with the basic 7 Chakras.

The Expanded 12 Chakra System

*The diagram begins at zero -0- below the feet, moving upwards and ending several feet above the head at the 12th Chakra. The distances between each Chakra depicted on the diagram are not representative of its true length, refer to the Location listed.

12 Chakra System

ZERO -0- Earth Connection

Location: Approximately 12 inches below the feet

Color: Brown, magenta when activated

Positive Meanings/Qualities: Source of most of our vitality connecting with earth’s iron core, strong foundation with the Divine Source, Mother Earth and earthly ancestors, physical well-being, connects to the earth and environment, grounding

1—Base or Root

Location: Perineum, base of tailbone (S4 lower back spinal vertebrae)

Color: Red

Positive Meanings/Qualities: Basic Life Force, physical existence, physiological needs, survival, courage, grounding energy

2 – Belly or Sacral Chakra

Location: Navel, (S3, L1 lower back spinal vertebrae)

Color: Orange

Positive Meanings/Qualities: Creativity, digestion, emotions, joy, pleasure, sensuality, fertility

3—Solar Plexus

Location: Above the navel (T12—T4 spine)

Color: Yellow

Positive Meanings/Qualities: Confidence, enthusiasm, mental clarity, personal power, optimism, self-control, positive self-image, transformation


Location: Center of chest (T1 (mid back)

Color: Green or pink

Positive Meanings/Qualities: Compassion, connection, empathy, harmony, hope, humanitarism, Love


Location: Center of throat (C8—C3 spinal vertebrae)

Color: Sky blue

Positive Meanings/Qualities: Awakens creativity, artistic talent, forms of expression, high level communication, voice and speech enhancement, service

6—Third Eye or Brow

Location: Center of forehead (C1 – C2 spinal vertebrae)

Color: Indigo or dark blue

Positive Meanings/Qualities: Devotion, dreams, intuition, insight, left and right brain balancing, spirituality, rejuvenation


Location: Top of head

Color: Violet

Positive Meanings/Qualities: Awareness, bliss, creativity, higher dimensions, inspiration, intelligence, understanding, unity

8—Soul Star “Over Soul”

Location: Few inches above the Crown

Color: Deep violet with bands of fern green, iridescent rainbow colors

Positive Meanings/Qualities: Connects physical self to the collective unlimited consciousness and higher realities, access unconditional Love, transcendence, past lives, celestial connections, shamans and Spirit guides

9—Spirit Star “Seat of the Soul”

Location: 18 inches – 2 feet above top of head

Color: Blue green, or a silver/white cord

Positive Meanings/Qualities: The soul’s experiences and journey, accessing higher purpose, our unique blueprint shaping our destiny, karma, past lifetimes


Location: 2—2.5 feet just above 9th Chakra

Color: Pearl white, silver or gold

Positive Meanings/Qualities: Portal to accessing universal knowledge, connection with the 200 – 300 billion galaxies making up the entire matrix of the universe, Oneness, creating a purposeful existence, focusing your will to remove energy blocks and to living your dreams, this Chakra takes energy from all spiritual Chakras to create life harmony

11—Galactic “Book of Life”

Location: The first Chakra outside of the physical body

Color: Pink orange, violet/silver and gold mix

Positive Meanings/Qualities: mind over matter, access of Akashic records, prophecy, transcendance and travel beyond time and space

12—Divine Gateway

Location: 3 – 4 feet above Crown chakra

Color: Shimmering bright gold, multifaceted, colored orbs of light

Positive Meanings/Qualities: Direct connection to Creation Source and the Divine Mind, pure consciousness: all-knowing (omniscient), all-powerful (omnipotent) and ever-present (omnipresent), ego death, nonduality, all illusions of separateness are gone, connected with every living and nonliving entity, sharing of unlimited gifts and power, self-actualization, unlimited potential pathways.

*Note that the opening of the 11th and 12th Chakra may take many years because a gradual opening is necessary in order to acclimate and prepare for the next phase of existence on the path to merging with your Soul.


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